DIT & Maraha ePortfolio System

Presenters:                  Kevin O’Rourke, DIT
                                    Gavin Henrick, Enovation

As ePortfolios enter the “Slope of enlightenment” on the Gartner Hype Cycle for emerging technologies in higher education, the Irish response has been one of curiosity tempered by caution.
Disciplines that have traditionally used portfolios have generally been sceptical about the value of an electronic version, while the introduction of ePortfolios to other disciplines demands a change of mindset as regards both programme design and assessment methodologies. In the midst of it all, students trained in the exam system of assessment can be left uncertain about the value of what they are being asked to do with an ePortfolio.
This session will look at the introduction of ePortfolios at DIT from the student, lecturer and institutional perspective. Starting with the practical aspects (“which  ePortfolio?”), the session will look at some of the pedagogical and technological challenges that have been faced in a real-life implementation, discuss both successes and failures, and look to the future of ePortfolios from both a theoretical and practical perspective.

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