NUI Galway & Elluminate Online Meeting Rooms

Presenters:  Peter Cantillon, Prof. Primary Care, NUI Galway; Mary Flemming, Department of Education, NUI Galway; Pauline Foley, Elluminate

This case study showcases an innovative collaboration aimed to facilitate the learning requirements and engagement of 40 NUI Galway Masters students in Clinical Education. The students were invited via an online virtual classroom to present, discuss and critique the application of learning theory in the context of clinical education. This allowed the students and Dr Peter Cantillon to meet weekly or bi weekly online without having to physically attend the University.
Prof. Peter Cantillon (Primary Care, NUI Galway) and Pauline Foley (UK and Ireland Sales Manager, Elluminate) will highlight key findings from a ten-month 2009-10 case study in which students situated across Ireland used Elluminate online meeting rooms to move beyond previously used technologies (e.g. discussion boards and Skype). Thus bringing together the synchronous aspect of learning but in a virtual environment which allowed the learners to bring their own clinical scenarios and case studies to the teaching and learning context in an interactive way.
The presentation will cover the initial pedagogical requirements; what was involved in making this happen, along with the proposed technical solution; establishing the project; and a review of the teaching and learning experience.

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