Students creating videos: using Flips for motivation and assessment

Dina Brazil, Keane Dorothy, McGuinnes Martina, Damien Raftery

Institute of Technology Carlow

Practical classes for science students support the development and ultimate mastery of essential key technical competencies Assessing practical subjects raises special challenges in the Irish Institute of Technology sector where students are expected to have a high level of technical competency and to gain employment in laboratories after graduation.  Currently practicals are primarily assessed via written reports, observing students in class and giving practical exams.  Difficulties in assessment may arise as direct observation can inhibit practical performance and also if students do not attend practicals due to lack of motivation.
As part of a SIF 2 project Flipä camcorders  were used with the aim of motivating a group of  second year science  students to engage with practical material, allow them to demonstrate mastery of key skills, receive and take on board meaningful feedback and to develop the ability to critique their own and others work .
Guidelines for producing, uploading and viewing short 2-3 minute videos were developed. Peer assessment skills and an agreed explicit assessment rubric were developed with the students.  To demonstrate key skills students made a story board and shot series of short segments that were edited together to make a 2-3 minute video. These were then uploaded for instructor and peer assessment using a discussion board.
The project is ongoing.  Our initial reflections informed by observation and student feedback is that creating videos is successful in engaging and motivating students but technical issues can lead to some difficulties in using it as for assessment.  Further reflections and experiences of students from other disciplines creating videos will be presented.
This project was supported by SIF 2 Repositioning Assessment for Learning.

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