Enterprise Learning Intelligence Suite (ELIS) – Bring Moodle to the next level with an enhanced suite of functionality that facilitates curriculum management, reporting and learning content management

Liam Ryan

Enovation Solutions

Almost every University and third level institution in Ireland is already using Moodle to some degree to enhance teaching and learning possibilities for their students. Institutions are now looking go to the next level of learning management and integrate their Moodle with solutions that allow for greater reporting, professional development and learning object management.
In this presentation we will talk about the needs of administrators and education managers in relation to these areas and how they can achieve these goals with a suite of open source solutions. The main areas are:
Curriculum Management for Moodle:

  • Easily track learning across your University, including online classroom activity and work experience
  • Reduce time spent managing users with auto-enrolment and clusters
  • Improve completion with automated reminders
  • Reduce administration with automated course creation and user group assignment
  • Manage competencies against defined outcomes

Business Intelligence reporting for Moodle:

  • Track learner progress with charts, graphs and intuitive dashboards
  • Automatically generate and send reports for learners, managers and board directors
  • Answer unique questions with ad-hoc reports

Moodle Learning Object Repository:

  • Improve efficiency through centralised management of learning content
  • Improve content re-use with site-wide sharing
  • Reduce content development costs through automated workflow and conversion
  • Centralise student content through student back-packs

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