MoGAME: Motivation based Game Level Adaptation Mechanism

Ioana Ghergulescu, Cristina Hava Muntean

National College of Ireland

Nowadays, students are spending more and more time doing online entertainment activities rather than learning. In this context a lot of research in the area of e-learning was put in combining the entertainment with teaching in order to increase the student motivation for learning. The fact that the learning process may be considered by the students to be a boring and forced process which leads to student de-motivation remains an issue. In this context, educational games were developed in order to support the learning process. This paper presents a Motivation based Game Level Adaptation Mechanism (MoGAME). The proposed mechanism combines motivation assessment and learner knowledge in order to personalise the game difficulty level. Thus, the game will be not too easy to bore the learner and not too hard to be impossible to be played. Providing the learner with real time feedback, acknowledging their results and rewarding their achievements will increase their motivation and their belief that they are capable of continuing with the learning process.

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