Student Mobility: The Role of Mobile Devices in Supporting the Delivery of Trinity College’s Strategic Plan

Tom Hayes

Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College Dublin’s (TCD) new planning document: Framework for the Strategic Plan 2009-2014, includes strategic core themes which encompass all aspects of TCD’s academic, administrative and out-reach functions, responsibilities and aspirations. Digital communications cut across all of TCD’s core strategic themes and therefore is a key enabler in realising its objectives. As staff and students become more accustomed to incorporating their mobile devices’ informational capabilities into their daily routines, their expectations and need to access institutional services with those devices will rise accordingly.
This presentation will provide an overview of the findings of a mobile phone usage survey which was carried out in Trinity College Dublin in January 2010. The results of the survey point to the importance of mobile devices for the future development of the University. The presentation will also showcase one of the mobile applications that is currently being tested in TCD, where a key feature of digital communication is to transform the campus experience with the mobile web. 

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