Technology-enhanced learning puzzle

Sabine Moebs

Dublin City University

Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) is constantly improving and becoming more user-friendly with all the web 2.0 technologies being introduced into the learning space. It might be a reality for many, but by far not everybody is familiar with computer-based training, learning technology in general or is using the likes of twitter, blogs or every day. A set of interviews shows what people who are not professionally involved with technology-enhanced learning think about it. The list of interview questions is short:

  • What does technology-enhanced learning mean to you?
  • What are the three most important potentials of technology-enhanced learning?
  • What are the three most important pitfalls of technology-enhanced learning?

The answers show expectations, perceptions of TEL and resistance against it and put these in relation to the interviewees’ everyday life. The case study includes seven people with jobs ranging from accountancy to workshop supervisor. All these people have access to IT and use it regularly.

There are two options: ignore the results or look at what useful advice they can provide; see where we are racing ahead, where we are missing the point, what we are doing right and maybe get some inspiration for our work in and with TEL. The presentation, pecha kucha short as it is, provides a chance for audience participation.

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