The deadline for receipt of nominations for the 2011 Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning has been extended to 16th February 2011.

About the Award

ILTA and DCU sponsor an annual award: The Jennifer Burke Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning in memory of Jennifer Burke, a well known and highly regarded friend and colleague, who the Irish Learning Technology Community lost in June 2007. The award recognises and rewards innovative practice in Irish Teaching and Learning, and in particular aims to reflect and remember Jenn’s vibrancy, creativity, energy and passion
for learning.

  • Nominations are invited for innovative contributions in the area of teaching and learning, in keeping with the following guidelines:
  • Nominations must be for an innovative idea, which must have been implemented.
  • The submission for the nomination must be no more than a 5-minute capture of the essence of the innovative idea.
  • Submissions will be expected to illustrate/provide examples of how the idea was implemented in teaching and learning, how it was brought to life, and how it impacted learners.
  • Nominations must be for a specific work/project/idea, rather than for an individual person.

On receipt of nominations, all nominations will be reviewed by a short-listing committee, and a short-list of candidates will be selected to be advanced to a final judging panel.

For more information on the submissions and awards process go to the
Jennifer Burke Award website: