EdTech Conference 2019

Dundalk IT, May 30th and 31st 2019

Presenter Guidelines

Technical information for presenters

 Important dates

  • Final Presentations – Due 27th May 2019
  • Final Programme – http://programme.exordo.com/edtech2019/
  • Preferred Format – .ppt (powerpoint)
    Naming Convention – yourname_presentationtitle
  • All presenters must use the PC in the venue


Uploading your presentation

Please submit the final version of your presentations through the Ex Ordo system. We accept any format but prefer .ppt versions if at all possible. If you have any difficulty submitting your presentation, please send it to info@ilta.ie and we shall upload it on your behalf.

If you want to send a link for a presentation that plays in a browser, please upload a word doc containing the link or just email it to info@ilta.ie using the preferred naming convention (yourname_presentationtitle).

All presentations will be uploaded to a dedicated shared folder in advance of the conference. To ensure there are no delays between sessions, presentations for each session will be preloaded to the presentation machines at each venue and you must use the presentation machine.

Gasta presentations in particular will need to be amalgamated into one large loop of presentations (five min per presentations) – so please contact us if you cannot upload your presentation for GASTA sessions by 27 May.

Connect & Converse presenters should be aware that they will present a number of times to small groups that will travel around the room and to their table. Presentations should be as interactive as possible within the 10 minute time frame. A bell will ring to signal the end of the 10 minutes and for a new group to move to their table.

All presenter machines have PowerPoint 2013 with audio. A Wireless Presenter will be available in each venue. Presenters should have a backup on a memory stick and on email. Online presentations should also have an offline version if possible. Any specific IT requirements must be emailed to info@ilta.ie by 25 May.



How to upload your final presentation:


Log into your Ex Ordo account. On your dashboard you will see a “Presentation” to-do in your to-do list or alternatively, click ‘Presentation’ on top menu.
Click your original submission to upload your final presentation. Presentation files can be updated up to midnight 27th May.
Please add a note with your presentation if there is embedded video or audio included in your presentation or hyperlinks that require testing.


Streaming & Recording

Please consult the programme to see your session and venue -:http://programme.exordo.com/edtech2019/
We would like to record and live stream all sessions presented in strand 1, Room L117 (Main Lecture Hall). The recordings will be made available on the ILTA website after the event.
All presenters scheduled for strand 1, Room L117 (Main Lecture Hall) will be emailed to request their consent to be live streamed and recorded and will be issued with our privacy notice. It is important that you reply to this e-mail to either give consent or to request that your presentation is not live streamed and/or recorded.

Please reply to the e-mail by May 28th.


Technical support on the day

Technical support will be available in the venues on both mornings from 8.30–9.00am.

If you would like to check your presentation in the venue where you will be presenting you can come to the venue during this time.

We would appreciate if you could make yourself known to your session chair during the breaks and a minimum of 5 mins in advance, at your session venue, to ensure smooth running of the session.