The EdTech 2012 conference will offer a dynamic programme of events, along with plenty of opportunity for informal networking and discussion. Built around the theme of Digital Literacies for Life, the programme will include practitioner and research papers, demonstration and workshop sessions, short presentations and practice exchange fora, as well as Technology in Action showcases illustrating industry and education teamwork, and interactive poster presentations.

About the Call for Papers

The Call for Papers is now open.

All accepted abstracts will be included in a new ILTA online journal to be launched in October 2012. Authors whose abstracts have been accepted will be invited to also submit a full paper by the April 16 deadline for peer review. Accepted papers will be published in the ILTA online journal. More details on the ILTA online journal publication will follow.

Abstracts for papers along the following topics will be welcomed:

  • Teaching digital literacies
  • The student experience
  • Learning resources – collaborative and social
  • Creativity and learning design
  • Online practitioner competencies
  • Assessing digital competencies
  • Sustainable models of innovation
  • Technology-supported assessment approaches

…for the following dedicated tracks:

Conference Tracks

1. Practitioner Track: Short Papers (30 minutes)

Short papers should be no more than 15-20 minutes in length with 10-15 minutes for questions. Please submit a 300 word abstract describing an application or evaluation of technology-enhanced learning, and the benefits of this initiative to teaching and learning.

Guidelines for Short Papers are available here.

2. Research Track: Research Papers (45 minutes)

Similar to the short paper format, but with a presentation of 30 minutes, and allowing about 15 minutes for questions. Please submit a 500 word abstract describing research on new or emergent ideas, technology or practice, and the benefits of this research to teaching and learning.

Guidelines for Research Papers are available here.

3. Practice Exchange (3 mins presentation, 5 mins questions)

Practice exchange is a forum for practitioners to give a short, concise presentation on a technique or idea they have implemented with students, and the learnings and/or challenges that emerged from the experience. The format is a 3-minute presentation, without slides, followed by 5 minutes of questions. Please submit a 100-word abstract outlining the idea you used and the lessons/challenges for teaching and learning.

4. Poster Presentations and Moderated Poster Sessions

Posters offer another way to share information visually ,such as research findings or innovative applications. We invite submissions for both traditional and electronic posters (for example using Prezi). The programme will include short moderated poster sessions where presenters will be asked to present and discuss their work. We ask that you submit a 300 word abstract describing your poster/electronic poster.

Deadline for Abstract Submissions

  • The closing date for abstract submissions to all tracks has been extended to 19 April 2012
  • Final versions of accepted abstract and papers will be accepted up TBC
  • All presentations (PDF or PowerPoint slides) must be submitted by 18 May 2012 and will be made available via the ILTA website during the conference.