This year’s keynote speakers swept our participants along in a series of thought-provoking, dynamic and inspirational sessions. We are delighted to be able to make the recordings of our EdTech 2011 keynote sessions available here. Whether you want to be inspired all over again, or enjoy their presentations for the first time, don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from the powerful expertise of these exceptional speakers:

Finbarr Bradley

Finbarr is an educator who designs and manages dynamic learning communities at a number of private and public organisations. He is a former professor at DCU, NUI Maynooth and UCD, and is co-author of ‘Capitalising on Culture, Competing on Difference: Innovation, Learning and Sense of Place in a Globalising Ireland’.

Lisbeth Goodman

Lizbeth is Professor of Inclusive Design for Education and Chair of Creative Technology Innovation at University College Dublin, where she is an Executive Board member leading the Creative DNA strand of the new Innovation Academy between UCD and Trinity College for the HEA, and heading up the UCD Higher Research Strategy Committee’s New Strategy Proposal for Innovation and Creative Media Arts Research, as well as leading on Research for the School of Education. SMARTlab’s new European main base is now evolving in bespoke studios at UCD, whilst new studios are also opening in Seattle at the University of Washington and in Toronto at the Ontario College of Art and Design, with other high level research sites due to come on stream soon.
Further details:

Ewan McIntosh

Ewan is regarded as a leading expert in digital media for public services. His company, NoTosh Limited, invests in tech start-ups and film on behalf of public and private investors, works with those companies to build their creative businesses, and takes the lessons learnt from the way these people work back into schools and universities across the world.