The 15th Educational Technology Conference of the Irish Learning Technology Association (ILTA)

May 29th and 30th, 2014
University College Dublin, Ireland
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Eurovision 2020: Technology Enhanced Learning for a New Horizon

Irish higher education is undergoing fundamental structural reform at a national level, while engaging in an increasingly globalised market place.  As we move towards 2020, issues concerning student participation, retention and resourcing sit alongside policy and practice tensions. However, the core issue of quality in higher education remains of paramount importance for all educational stakeholders.

The EdTech2014 conference theme aligns with the forthcoming EU strategic report ‘New Methods of Delivering Quality in Higher Education’. The report will:

  1. Provide recommendations to Member States with respect to the effective use of technology-enhanced learning tools, methods and practices to support the quality agenda and;
  2. Address associated infrastructure, funding, policy, IPR, staff development and accreditation issues to support the adoption of these practices.

The report will be published in June 2014 by the EU High Level Group for the Modernisation of Higher Education which is chaired by former President Mary McAleese.

European Commission Partnership – DG Education and Culture

ILTA welcomes the support and partnership of the EU DG Education and Culture in presenting this theme. This builds upon our previous collaboration in presenting the ‘Openining Up Education’ EU theme at EdTech2013.

We are particularly honoured that Margaret Waters (Deputy Head of Unit – Higher Education and Erasmus) will represent the European Commission at EdTech2014 as we engage with this important theme.




Poster Downloads

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Poster 2: EdTech2014 Theme Poster a4x2v2