Announcing our EdTech 2019 keynote speakers

Keith Smyth

Professor of Pedagogy, University of the Highlands and Islands

Keith Smyth is Professor of Pedagogy and Head of the Learning and Teaching Academy at the University of the Highlands and Islands. With a particular interest in digital education, Keith is known for developing the openly licensed 3E Framework for technology-enhanced learning and has been involved in a range of projects and initiatives focused on technology and inclusive educational practice, co-creative pedagogies and open education. Keith’s recent research with Sheila MacNeill and Bill Johnston explores the place of the digital in relation to the co-location of higher education and the curriculum beyond the physical and virtual confines of universities, and for extending Higher Education as a public good. These topics are explored in the newly published book Conceptualising the Digital University: The intersection of policy, pedagogy and practice. Keith blogs in ‘fits and starts’ at www.3eeducation.org.

Sheila McNeil

Senior Lecturer (Digital Learning), Glasgow Caledonian University

Sheila MacNeill is the Chair of ALT (Association of Learning Technology), independent HE consultant, open educator and artist. With over 20 years experience, Sheila’s interests and skills centre around curriculum design, developing digital capabilities with staff and students and developing effective digital and physical learning spaces. Working with Keith Smyth and Bill Johnston her recent research activity has centred on conceptualising the development of digitally enabled universities. This has culminated in the recent publication of the book, Conceptualising the Digital University: the intersection of policy, pedagogy and practice. Sheila is active on social media, and shares her thoughts and work regularly via her blog (www.howsheilaseesit.net).

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