The Research Track is dedicated to new and emerging learning technologies and the evaluation of existing practices or learning technology. There were twelve research presentations at EdTech 2009. Slides, abstracts and papers (where available) from these presentations are available below:

Research 1 (Day 1, morning)

  • Markus Hofmann, Matt Smith, Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, Compatibility challenges for mobile learning objects.Abstract, Slides.
  • Cosgrave et al., Usage and uptake of virtual learning environments and technology assisted learning tools: findings from a multi-institutional, multi-year comparative study. Abstract, Slides.
  • Bruen, et al., The management and creation of knowledge, do wikis help? Abstract.
  • Arghir-Nicolae Moldovan, Cristina Hava Muntean, National College of Ireland, Increasing learner’s experience through power-based adaptation of educational content selection and delivery. Abstract.

Research 2 (Day 1, morning)

  • Dermot P. Brabazon, Dublin City University, The use of virtual learning environments to aid teaching of heat transfer and artificial neural network modelling in bioprocess engineering. Abstract, Slides, Paper.
  • Orla Majella Murphy, University College Cork, Laser scanning to create reusable learning objects: an interdisciplinary case study. Abstract, Slides, Paper.
  • Gerry Grogan, Institute of Public Administration. How cognitive tools mechanisms produce critical thinking effects. Abstract.
  • Daire O’Broin, Siobhan Clarke, Trinity College Dublin, Improving the quality of flexible learning. Abstract, Slides.

Research 3 (Day 2, morning)

  • Liam Brown, Enterprise Ireland, Vincent Wade, Trinity College Dublin, Eamonn Murphy, University of Limerick, From elearning to ulearning – a blended learning framework for effective organisational change. Abstract, Slides, Paper.
  • Terry K Smith, Pepperdine University, Project-Based Learning: Changing the Face of Traditional Education. Abstract, Paper.
  • Andreea Maria Molnar, Christine Have Muntean, National College of Ireland, Enhancing domain model with performance oriented metadata for adaptive elearning systems. Abstract.
  • Brenda Walsh, Institute of Technology Tralee, Maths attainment at primary level using curriculum based multimedia in a VLE. Abstract, Slides, Paper.