Liam Brown, Vincent Wade, Eamonn Murphy – Trinity College Dublin, University of Limerick

A framework is proposed as to how Technology Enhanced Learning (eLearning) can be deployed as an effective mechanism to facilitate and support continuous improvement and change management programmes within organisations. The framework supports the current drive in education to move from tutor centred approaches to learner centred approaches. The framework also takes the relevant pedagogical and technological considerations into account and implications for the design of future programmes are posited based on feedback from the current programmes. 

The framework has been deployed through an initiative known as ULearning at the University of Limerick. This an innovative connector of industry and academia, addressing individual and corporate skills gaps through professional flexible learning. ULearning courses allow progression from Specialist Diplomas (SD), to Masters (MSc) and on to Professional PhD at your own pace. The guiding principles are that individuals can earn professional industry certifications and academic qualifications while at work and that courses can be Designed with contextual content based on individual’s needs.
Delivery includes on campus, distance education, physical labs, tutorials & workshops, and technology enabled peer learning all supported by learning facilitators, and course coordinators.
The framework has been extensively evaluated through 4 consecutive cohorts of students from industry over a 2 year period. Evaluation results have been incorporated into the framework and design guidelines for future iterations of programmes to be deployed through the framework are presented.